Zoom Dried/Preserved Flower Posy #4
Zoom Dried/Preserved Flower Posy #4

Dried/Preserved Flower Posy #4


Dried Flower Posy by Curate Store #4

These flowers will be wrapped in brown and white paper with a festive red bow! 

These maintenance-free blooms offer plenty of perks. They have no need for light or water, they’re perfect for rooms with little natural light. never wilt or die and lets face it… they look amazing!

Please note: 

Conditions in which dried flowers are stored in will determine their lifespan, but as a general guide, dried flowers can last many years.


Our top tips for keeping your dried flowers looking beautiful:

  1. Do not water!

  2. Handle with care as dried flowers are delicate

  3. Keep out of direct sunlight, wind and away for humidity

Over time, dried flowers and foliage will naturally fade in colour, we recommend you keep your flower bound in their bunches as delivered by us. The flowers are very delicate and have been arranged to give you the best lifespan of your flowers. 


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