Zoom Bath Cookie - Invigorate
Zoom Bath Cookie - Invigorate
Zoom Bath Cookie - Invigorate
Zoom Bath Cookie - Invigorate

Bath Cookie - Invigorate


A nourishing, cleansing bath experience for both body and mind. A modern take on a bath bomb, containing a gratitude fortune inside. 

Skin nurturing butters and French clays are uniquely combined with a delicate, uplifting blend of lemon, sandalwood and frankincense to gently cleanse and rejuvenate the body.

To Use: 
Run a warm bath and with a positive intention in mind immerse the cookie into the water, enjoying the effervescent fizz on your skin. Within you’ll find your gratitude fortune, relax into the bath and reflect over these thoughts.
Ingredients: Kaolin clay, french yellow clay, *shea butter, *cocoa butter, bi-carb soda, citric acid, essential oils - sandalwood, *frankincense, *lemon, petitgrain, *german chamomile; himalayan crystal salts and *dried chamomile flowers.
*Certified organic

Size: Single cookie gifts 1-2 baths (7.5cm diameter x 2.5cm high). Individually wrapped in waxed paper.

100% Natural. Made in Australia, by hand, with love.

Caution - Not for consumption. Oils/butters may cause bath to be slippery. Consult with doctor before use if pregnant or feeding. If skin irritation occurs discontinue use. Keep out of direct sunlight. Use within 12 months.

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